1) 15 minutes of Split Jerk practice/testing. If everything feels perfect work up to a few heavy singles (possibly new PR). If not, drill footwork a depth in landing.
2a) 5×5 High-Bar Back Squat @ 60% (of heaviest Squat ever) – rest 60 sec.
2b) 5×3 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


4 rounds for total time of:

Run 400m
10 Muscle-Ups

Rest 1:1


3×5 TGU (5l/5r) – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.


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  1. Well that’s not a boron picture Drywall!

    1) worked up to and stayed at 165 for 5-6 reps. Still feeling beat up this week. Concentrated on dropping under with fast lock out. Even at 90% max I have a bit of catching it bent and pushing the last bit with my elbows.
    2) 135 – from the ground practicing the AF start for WOD 3
    3) 135

    23ish total
    they stopped my clock on my last round :/ every MU set began with 3 2 then got all broken up. 400’s were around 1:30.

    Didn’t get to the TGU’s will fit em’ in tomorrow.

    MFS 2/5/5 – legs were very fatigued on the last 400s from drilling those squats to find out if hi or low bar is the way to go for Lipson. Back also still sore.

  2. Sorry kids, until someone other than T sends me some pics you’re gonna get a steady diet of Laura and Lindsey. Awe… I’m sure you’re so sad.

  3. 1) Did several reps at 245. Really focused on speed, depth, footwork, and neutral spine.
    2a) 255
    2b) 205

    Wod: FAIL

    dnf’d in 4th round on 4th muscle up after I tore some colossal holes in both hands

    1st day back after several days off, felt really crappy. Hope I can get it back together tomorrow.

  4. 1)Everything felt heavy today so practiced my rack position, hand placement and foot work. Went up to 205 for a couple of singles.
    2) 240
    2b) 155/155/165/165/175

    WOD – DNF
    I capped myself at 3:30 per round or I would still be psyching myself out of the muscle ups. My rounds were 2:40 (6/3/1) 2:47 (6/4) 3:30 (4/4/0) 3:30 (4/2/0) I would really like to know what it is I do to myself that makes me forget how to do a muscle up if I missed one!
    Instead of midline did more muscle ups..4×4 unbroken with about 60 seconds between. WTF…why wasn’t I able to keep doing that for the WOD?

  5. Unscheduled rest day on Tuesdsay due to totally dragging ass after Monday’s workout (totally vag move, I know). Made up Tues/Wed strength work and skipped the metcons (they’re dumb anyway). Didn’t have enough time for midline, will do later this week.

    1) 185, 195, 205, 215, 225. 225 squat clean is a PR, went up fairly easy too. Can’t wait until the next 1rm day.
    2) 310#
    3) 195×3, 190, 185. Did 185 last week, but had a hard time getting the last reps all the way up so moved back down a bit.

    1) Worked up to a 225# PR. Felt like I could go a bit higher but ran out of time.
    2a) 195#
    2b) 185#

  6. Great pic of you Laura!

    1)split jerk: got 175, attempted 185 a few times and I’m so close to getting it it’s frustrating!! I am not dropping my hips under because i guess I get nervous. And it hurts my wrist like crazy…ha! What’s new…? Agh!

    2a)5×5 high bar back squats at 60%, so I used 170. These feel better than they used to- not quite as awkward feeling.
    2b)5×3 push press: I used 135# for all the sets and they felt great. I tried 145 on the last set and missed the last rep. I should have gone up earlier. I think I am stronger overhead than before, so I’m underestimating what I’m capable of  doing.

    4 rounds of 
    400 meter run
    5 muscle ups (def can’t do 10 per round, but maybe I could have done 7)
    1:1 work to rest
    …my fastest round was the first one at 3:05, and the slowest was the last one at I think 3:37.

    My legs felt pretty heavy during the run, but I was averaging 1:30 per round on the runs still.

    I worked on doing some muscle ups at the end w full turn out which is hard for me and did 3 pretty easily! Not strung together though. I’m not there yet!

  7. Tuesdays work on Wednesday
    1. Power Clean + Squat Clean 205
    2. Clean DL 275 no risers

    5 Squat Cleans 185
    50 double-unders
    5 wall-climbs

  8. Did this on Thursday

    1) Split Jerk — pathetic. worked up to 225# and my shoulders were worthless pain-centers, so I quit.
    2a) 5×5 hb squat @ 275#
    2b) 5×3 pp @ 185#… didn’t bother trying more

    25:35… extremely frustrating. Couldn’t only do 4 in a row at most. Rounds went from 3:15 to about 4:00. Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow (competition team wod starts w/ 50 muscle-ups… only 2 of us can do them)

    M/F/S – 4/5/9 (everything hurt)

  9. Did this on Thursday

    2a) 5×5 hb squat @ 275#

    Right around 3:30 a round w bar muscle ups (no rings).

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