111020 or 21:


1a) Bench Press: 1X5 @ 70%, 1X3 @ 80%, Max Effort @ 90% – rest as needed.
1b) Weighted Pullups: 1X5 @ 70%, 1X3 @ 80%, Max Effort @ 90% – rest as needed.
2a) 3×5 Snatch Hi-Pull + Squat Snatch – heaviest possible, rest 60 sec.
2b) 3X10 Weighted GH Raise – rest 60 sec.


50 OHS 95lbs
40 Box Jumps 24″
30 Thrusters 95lbs
20 (steps) OH Walking Lunges 95lbs
10 Muscle-Ups

For time.

Laura demoing the High Pull + Squat Snatch:

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  1. 1a) ME 285 x 4
    1b) ME @ 98 x 2 was still pretty sore from amrap day before yesterday
    2a) 155,175, 185(failed snatch, back was TIGHT)
    2b) 53#kb, (usually go heavier but back was super tight doing this combo)

    11:52. Went unbroken on the ohs even after I said I WAS NOT going to do that. This proved to be a huge strategic error for me as my legs and hips were FRIED when I got to box jumps.Took me 3:10 to wade through some painful box jumps. They usually go fast for me. Never got close to running out of wind, just battled muscle fatigue the entire wod after the ohs. Think I could do this one over with different strategy and go much faster. Muscle ups were 5 and 5 and went pretty quick once I got to them. Almost think I could have knocked them out unbroken just afraid to reach failure. Need to get more confidence with my muscle ups as they are becoming easier for me .

  2. 1a) skipped this week
    1b) 50/55/65×3
    2a) didn’t have time, only so much of 1 week I can get done in 3 days. Maybe I’ll throw it in Sunday if I don’t take it off.
    2b) 10#

    OHS 30 20, box jumps 10 stepping quick walk around to get some lactic acid out then 40UB, thrusters 10 12 8, the rest is a blurr but much more broken up. Was trying not get my legs too sore before Iron Curtain by breaking this up some which seems like a good strategy retrospectively. It was definitely more lactic acid limiting than cardio.

  3. 1a) 1×5 @ 205#, 1×3 @ 225#, 1×3 @ 255#

    1b) 1×5 @ about 60#, 1×3 @ about 73#, 1×5 @ about 78# (may have been short on a couple of those… didn’t have anyone checking)

    2a) 135#, 155#, 165# (Note: I misunderstood the rep scheme on this one. I read it as [3×5] of 1 high pull + 1 squat snatch, not 3 x [5 high pull + 1 squat snatch]). *smack*

    2b) 100# (too heavy), 63#, 63# (holding KBs)


    — 8:30 (UB OHS, 30/10 BJ, 15/10/5 thrusters, and then debacles on lunges and MUs)


    Made up the midline from Monday or Tuesday: 3 x max effort 225# overhead walk, rest 90 seconds

    — don’t know how far, but I did these… maybe 200 feet? I dunno. Rough on the shoulders.

    M/F/S – 2/2/4

  4. 1a) 240×4
    1b) 87.5×3, 100×2, 112.5×1 – Arms/back winded from all the pull ups on Wednesday, these just weren’t going well from the start.
    2a) 115
    2b) 10#. Will start pushing weight on these next time.
    Conditioning – 12:45. Legs were rubber after the OHS on the box jumps, no speed repping going on.

  5. 1a) 205×5, 235×3, 265×6
    1b) 50×4, 55×3, 60×3
    2a) 75, 95, 135
    2b) 10, 15, 25
    Conditioning – DNF
    Got to the muscle ups in 8:20 (OHS – 30,15,5. BJ – 20,20. Thrusters – 15,10,5. Lunges – 10,10. MU – 0)

    This was one of the worst lifting days of my life. Everything felt weak and falling apart. I honestly could barely get a single pull up without weight as a warm up and that was just such a bummer. The conditioning was so demoralizing as I literally couldn’t get past my shoulders on 5 attempts of the MUs. after sitting down for a minute to gather myself, then failing miserably on yet another MU, I just walked away, something I have never done on a workout without a time limit. Still pissed about it today…

    MFS – 572

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