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Most of you are coaches – thoughts?



1) 10 minutes to establish a 1rm Push Press.
2 5×5 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
3) Back Squat: 2×5@70%, 2×3@80%, Max Effort@90% – rest as needed.


12 minute AMRAP of:

7 Ring Dips
14 Pullups
21 Double-Unders


3X Max Effort Weighted Plank @ 90lbs.

Elite stare down. Amazon vs. Avatar.


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  1. combo of yesterday and today
    Power Clean 220 fail @ 225 can get it high enough but cant get elbows around
    2×1 @ 205
    2×1 @ 195
    Push Press 195
    5×5 @ 155 across
    hate self

    100m sprint
    10 toes through rings
    10 DB swings 55#
    1:1 work:rest

  2. 1) 155 – hadn’t maxed this in a year and a 1/2 so PR by default
    2) 135×1 – but heavy, 125×2 – too easy, 135×2 – better
    3) 185/195/215×4

    7rounds 2 dips

    36/38/45sec – that was Heavy!

  3. 1) 245
    2) 185,195,215,215,225 felt strong after I got warm
    3) 365 x 3

    8 rounds + 14 pull ups


    93/39/ 61

    did this about 5 mins after wod with about 60 secs rest between sets

  4. 1. 210. PR. Didn’t lock it out when I should have on the first attempt like an idiot, had to try 2 more times to hit it, too late to go higher.
    2. 165, 170, 175, 180, 185×4
    3. 230, 260, 295×2. Rocked forward on the way up around parallel and failed, pretty pissed because I should have had that 3rd rep.

    Conditioning – 8 rounds + 2 pull ups.

    Midline – 1:02, :32, :31. I think it’s the boredom that gets me.

  5. 1. 205…Moved up to 215 and missed. I think I ended up pushing it out it front a little
    2. 185..too heavy…155…too light….165…heavy again…155….1555
    3. 280, 320, 360×4…should have tried for 5 but felt like I was on my toes and forward too much

    Conditioning – 8+2 pull ups
    Midline – couldn’t see the clock but I think they were between 45-65 seconds

  6. So about the above article…I’m not as eloquent as this writer, but I’ll summ up my opinion by saying specificity is key. You have to look at your goals and evaluate if the exercises you’re doing are carrying over towards those goals or not. When I ran track and did gymnastics in college the plyo conditioning we did had the most carry over to sport and our weight training always dropped the ball. In track I did heptathlon, so there was a lot of jumping, throwing, sprinting, hurdling, and basically pinnacles of maximum power outputs. Our goal was to jump/run/throw higher/longer/faster and if you’ve ever watched someone jump you just can’t do it slowly and get off the ground. Still all of our lifts were SLOW. In track they weren’t afraid of heavy weight on the bar for overhead, incline, or bench press, but this didn’t mimick the explosiveness of shot put power well at all. We also did squats, deadlifts, and lunges, but those didn’t mimic sprinting or jumping well either because our weights were always over 65% and moved slowly. This became obvious because the strongest athletes in the weight room most often didn’t jump higher or throw farther. I guess my point is, if your event calls for maximum power (load per time) then only training load (especially slowly) isn’t going to develop it. I think power lifting would have been much better for improving our track athlete’s performances, at least anything 800m and under.
    Another failure was our gymnastics team’s weight training which consisted of the typical 3×15-20 with low weight gym rat lifts. We did low weight because a few of the girls cried about putting on muscle when they learned we had to lift at all. Little did they know, we were on a hypertrophy program. Makes me laugh now. We would have been much better off with plyos like jumping lunges and adding a weight vest to that then doing slow, weighted walking lunges and etc.
    If I had been olympic lifting in college I’m sure I would have been a better athlete. Both of my sports called for us to be as powerful as possible and still be light enough to get in the air. I think olympic lifting is a great way to get these results. Since I started Crossfit, 2 years ago I’m the same weight, with almost 10% less body fat, and I’ve gone down almost 2 pant sizes. My vertical has gone up and I can do a 32″ box jump wearing a 40# vest. I’m not sure I could have done that in college or without the triple extension training from cleaning and snatching. And since you can’t clean or snatch slowly, what do you think would happen if there were suddenly no weight on the bar? You would leave the ground! So that’s my point, and I hope it made sense 🙂

    • Well said Talayna! I have had several specific sport, coach buddies ask me if I thought oly lifting would help their athletes. My reply: “Only if you think an increase in mobility, flexibility, power, strength, speed and explosiveness will benefit your sport.”

  7. If you couldn’t guess the above was written by me, I still don’t know how to spell the word mimik (just kidding it’s mimic!), and I forgot to log in.

  8. Was pretty wrecked and exhausted yesterday, so took a nap instead and made this up this morning…

    1) 215# (missed 225# twice)
    2) 175# for 4 rds, then tried 185# and f’d @ 3
    3) 2×5 @ 305#, 2×3 @ 345, 1×7 @ 385#. (I think my PR would be higher than 430# now…)

    10 rds + 1 ring dip

    61/51/47 (seconds) –> those are painful

    M/F/S – 3/4/3 (SO glad I took yesterday off)

  9. 1) 235 (missed 245 twice)
    2) Worked up to 200
    3) 365 x 3 (Stopped at 3 stomach felt like it was going to herniate)

    WOD: 8 Rounds (Had to take a few seconds off here and there to catch the crawling baby, makes workouts a little tough these days)

  10. First WOD since I fucked up my lower back last Thursday. Nothing says oh fuck like a sharp pain shooting down your legs after full extension and not being able to walk for the next 3 days.

    1) 215 missed 225 with a forward dip
    2) 185×3 Again didn’t want to push my luck. Form started to break down and put more pressure on my lower back than I wanted to
    3) 265, 300, 330×1. Again the mental aspect of not wanting to more harm was overwhelming

    WOD: A miserable 6 rds + 4 dips. Another side effect of not working out for a week is laziness and the inability or desire to push yourself . Think it will take longer to get over the mental aspect of the injury and time off than it will to actually fully heal.


  11. 1) 1rm push press 155#

    2) 5×5 push press… First set 130, the rest I went down to 125. The last 3 sets were shit. I could only do 4, 4, and 3. Part of it is my wrist, and the other part is I really wasn’t all in it for this.

    3)2×5 back squats at 200, 2×3 at 230,max reps at 255 I did 3.

    5 rounds

  12. From yesterday,

    1) 215# (missed 225# twice)
    2) 185#
    3) 365 x 5 (stupid pirates)

    I honestly have no idea how many rounds I did, not even a clue.

  13. 1) 225# (missed it 4 times before finally locking it out)
    2) 175, 175, 180, 180, 195 (I guess I warmed up a bit)
    3) 2×5 @300, 2×3 @340, 1×5 @385 (felt like I could have done a ton more but my head was so not in it…)

    10 rounds + 4 ring dips (this one was sneaky tough. All dips and DU’s were unbroken, 3 2 rounds for pullups UB, then broke at once for 5 rounds, and I don;t now how many for the remainder)

    Didn’t do it…

    MFS – 354 (tomorrow should be interesting, as will Saturday…)

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