Today’s WOD:


-Read this: “My First Exercisers Anonymous Meeting”

-M/F/S (Mood/Fatigue/Soreness) is a simple test that we use to judge overtraining. It’s based on a scale of 1-10 (nice try T) with 1 being “happy as a clam”, all the way to 10 being “I’m gonna fucking kill everyone in here”. I was at about a 8 earlier in the week. It’s not fun.

-Just so everyone knows; Thursday is an optional rest day. I know I wrote that it was a WOD day on most of your templates – my bad. I’ll make sure to note that it’s an optional off/on day.

-Anyone competing this weekend?

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  1. 1a) 145/160/170×12
    1b) 40/50/60×6 still not really dailed in on what my weight should be for these.
    2) 60# – shoulders didn’t want to hold me up.
    3) Used a band

    WOD – Total time 17:15
    – Splits 1:49/1:51/1:56/2:03/1:58

    TGU – 62# tried to get up the 2 pood but didn’t even get close. I was done before starting this part.

    MFS – 1/3/5

    That was a total gasser. The first 2 rds the rest interval felt perfect….then came rds 3-5. Lungs burned throughout. Druing rd 4 the stupid erg almost fell off the ledge so I had to pause to scoot it back onto stable ground.

  2. 1A) bench 5×5 @60%  100
    1B) weighted pull-up 5×5 @60% 1-2: 45#, 3-5: 40# – kipping
    2) Max dip  35# – strict
    3) GH Raise 3×8  25# plate

    2:32/2:37/2:29/2:29/2:24 – 22:37 Total
    Probably didn’t row as hard as I should have in the first couple. Body felt gassed. 

    Max TGUs:  L: 55, R: 60 – L elbow hyperextends more, not as stable

    MFS: 3/6/5
    Mostly fatigued because I started at 730am

    No competitions for me til Oct 22-23.

  3. I would almost say he’s gay for it. Should hear him at the gym.

    1A) bench 5×5 @60% 135#
    1B) weighted pull-up 5×5 @60% 60#. Probably a little light considering I really havent established a 1 RM
    2) Max dip 77 lbs. Big fail at 80#
    3) GH Raise 3×8 10# plate. My hamstring hate me and this is by far one of the most painful things for me. if I want to self induce a hamstring cramp Ill do GH Raises

    2:12; 2:29; 2:18; 2:15;2:19 – 20:47 Total time
    Rd 2 I decided to test a theory that stepping up into a burpee and down to the ground is only slightly slower and induces less fatigue that flopping around like a fish (usually what my burpees look like). That theory was a big fail and both accounts.

    MFS: 122

  4. 1A) Bench – 2×3 185#, 2×3 200#, 215#x13
    1B) Weighted Pull ups – 2×3 87.5#, 2×3 92.5#, 100#x2.Had to kip the last 2 inches of the last rep which I normally wouldn’t could, but Rudy is so pro-kip I figured what the hell.
    2)Max ring dip – 90#
    3) Gh raise – 0#, 10#, 10#. Never did these with weight before so I didn’t want to push it too hard.

    No conditioning today. This week took it out of me and tomorrow’s gonna be rough.

    1rm getup – 55#. Got 70# on my right and got up on my left, but failed coming back down. Had to leave, no time for another attempt at this or a lighter weight.

  5. 1a) 5X5 Bench Press @ 60% (deload) – rest 90 seconds.

    — 5×5 @ 185#
    1b) 5X5 Weighted Pullups @ 60% (deload) – rest 90 seconds.

    — 5×5 @ 60#
    2) Take 5 minutes to establish a 1rm weighted Ring Dips.

    — Topped out at about 105# (missed 115# a couple times)

    3) 3X8 weighted GH Raise – heaviest possible, rest 90 seconds.

    — 100# (Held 2 50lb kettle bells)


    — 18:20 (or thereabout… started at 1:45 round, and ended at 2:21 round… felt slow as hell)


    10 minutes to establish a 1rm TGU (both arms).

    — Did the 2pood TGUs again, and
    — Then made up the 10min strict T2B –> 118 reps

    M/F/S – 2/4/4

  6. 1) 2 sets of 207×3, 2 sets of 222×3, 235×10 (4 rep increase from last week, felt real smooth and strong)

    2) 2 sets of 45×3, 2 sets of 50×3, 55×8 (keeping these completely strict and it feels heavy… Should I be kipping?)

    3) 45, 55, 70, 80, 95 (started too light, 95 felt pretty easy but didn’t want to give it a few more reps, time ran out after all…)

    4) 10, 15, 25 (these are feeling so much stronger these days! They rip me to shreds but I feel like I can start pushing the weight a ton)(on the GHD, going below parallel and all the way up)

    1.5 hour break to train people…

    1:58, 2:03, 2:00, 2:03, 2:00 total time of 18:08
    (crushed the lungs but felt very, very solid all the way though. Burpees were never longer than 1:02 and I stayed long and powerful on the row)

    Had more clients in but wanted to get to the TGU with fatigue, so I did:
    4 rounds not seriously timed of:
    400 meter run
    1 TGU each arm @ 85# DB
    (completed in around 9 minutes, wish I had heavier DBs or KBs, perhaps go with a bar next time?)

    M/F/S – 5/2/2

  7. a) 165/175/190 x7
    b) chinups 35/44/53
    ring dips 106 ln kb
    burpees avg 3 min rnds
    106 lb kb right arm
    53 lbs ..injured left shoulder

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