Clearly I failed at posting last night, oh well. We’re seeing some pretty good numbers put up so far. Just a word of guidance about how to finish these WODs in under an hour.

1) Move faster.

2) Stop doing your Kelly Starrett mobility clinic before each WOD. Put some weight on the bar, pull on it a few times, then go. Do your dumb foam rolling at home while you’re watching The Bachelor (like Brandon).

Don’t freak out about the percentages for the Back Squats. Some of you are on week 2 of our percentages, some of you are on week 8. Use whatever has been sent to you.

WOD 110928:


1) Take 5 reps to find a very heavy Power Jerk (aka “Push Jerk” – no misses) – rest as needed.
2) 3X3 UB Power Jerks @ 85% of heaviest rep from #1 – rest 2 minutes.
3a) 5X5 Back Squats @ 60% (deload) – rest 60 seconds.
3b) 5X2 Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 60 seconds.


4 rounds for time of:

5 UB Muscle-Ups
10 Box Jumps 36”
20 DB Push Press @ 50lbs


3X Max Effort L-Sit Hold.

Josh and Talayna doing their “Prowler” work.

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  1. “Stop doing your Kelly Starrett mobility clinic before each WOD. Put some weight on the bar, pull on it a few times, then go. Do your dumb foam rolling at home while you’re watching The Bachelor (like Brandon).”

    Fucking finally. I’ve been telling people for years that warming up is a big goddamn waste of time.

    My biggest problem right now is dealing with people wanting to talk to me and ask why I’m not doing what everyone else is doing. Isn’t it obvious how superior I am? Do I really need to explain myself?

    • Fucking Hilarious. Forgot also that you want that Globo gym feel of doing something then spending the next 10 min answer questions and bull shiting before you go on to the next exercise.

  2. 1) 255# PJ – Pr By 20 lbs
    2) 3×3 @ 215#
    3a) 5×5 BS @ 225 lbs
    3b) 5×2 PP @ 205 lbs. These got heavy quick and there was a lot of pressing out happening

    Conditioning- 12:48 MU were not unbroken (sorry OPT). Rds were 1) 5UB, 2) 3 UB then 2 UB, 3) 2 UB, 2 UB and then a single, 4) 2 UB then singles. DB Push press was by far the worse movement in the triplet for me.


  3. 1) 210
    2) 175
    3a) 275, 290, 310×13
    3b) 165

    WOD – 12:48
    MFS – 2/4/3

    Did all the MU unbroken but the push press was heavy. Had to break them any way I could.

  4. 1) 215#. Coach says “what are you working on? 1rm push press?” “No, push jerk.” “That was a push jerk?” This sums up my general issue getting under Olympic lifts. Going the opposite direction of the weight just feels cowardly.

    2) 185#.

    3a) 230#, 245#, 260#x7. I feel like I’m short changing myself on the max squats not having a spotter, I just need to get over it and bail when I fail.

    3b) Also 185#, and easier than the push jerk. Could have gone 195#. Comical.

    Conditioning – No high rings yet at my gym, so I subbed 1:1, 45# strict pull up and 45# dip.

    13:19. I thought I over-pooded my sub until I saw the other times weren’t too far off. Pull ups were unbroken until the last round, dips were unbroken but I thought the dips gassed my push press. Looks like it was hard for everyone though.

    MFS – Annoyed/AIDS/Not really

    :25, :15, :20. Too gassed to really do these.

  5. 1) 225, I felt pretty good about that, given my general overhead shittiness.
    2) 190x3s, which felt great.
    3a) 230x5x5
    3b) I ramped these up to 185, not knowing what would work…and 185 was good. Could have gone up another 10 or 20# to meet the intent
    4) 14:39 – Oddly enough, the box jumps gassed me. And the push press actually induced failure on the last set – I literally almost hit myself in the face. MUs went 5, 4/1, 3/2, 5. Thanks to Tony for teaching me the hip new way to kip your muscle ups.
    5) 14, 8, 12 – I was a soup sandwich at that point anyway.

  6. 1) 135, 185, 215, 235, 245(miss…ugh)

    2) 200×3, 200×3, 200×3

    3) 2×3 @ 285, 2×3 @ 305, 12 @ 325 (got 8 last week, felt SO strong here, like I could have done 1-2 more…!)

    3b (I did these as their own set)
    185×2, 185×2, 190×2, 195×2, 200×2

    MU’s were the limiting factor for me with the last round being all singles. Jumps went unbroken and I got first 3 rounds of presses in 2 sets, final set in 3. Was completely crushed after this one

    :31, :30, :29

    Yeah, sorry for being the retard of the group but, what is MFS stuff? I want in this special group!!

    • I didn’t know this until yesterday either. It stands for Mood – Fatigue – Soreness. You’re supposed to use some sort of numerical system, but as you can see I went for a more descriptive method.

  7. 1) 225,235,245,250,255 Shoulders were TIGHT after yesterday and I almost never work push jerk heavy. (front rack)
    3a)275, 285, 325 x 10
    3b)215 got easy my last couple sets, shoulders were finally warming up


    Midline:35, 25, 24 did this about 5 mins after wod

  8. 1) 170
    2) 145 – dropped on boxes between reps, huge bruise from yesterday on my clavicle. 
    3) 150
    4) set 1: @135, 2-5: @145 – bruise warmed up so no dropping. 


    10:37 (32″ box, we don’t have 30″s)
    MU: UB-2/2/1-2/1/2-2/1/2
    DB PP: 13/7-12/8-10/6/4-10/5/3/2

    40/29/30 L-sit

    MFS: I’m guessing this is mood/fatigue/soreness on a 5 point scaling system? I’d say I’m a happy clam, almost recovered from Integrity’s Revenge and my abs and Upper traps are pretty sore, so throw me a bone is that like 4/2/3?

  9. 1) 255#
    2) 3×3 @ 215# (missed a couple times b/c of poor form, so ended up doing extra)
    3a) 5×5 BS @ 275 lbs
    3b) PP — Worked up to 215# on the 4th rd and missed the second rep, so dropped to 205# for the last round.

    Conditioning- 11:40 First 2 rds of MUs were unbroken, then finished w/ 4UB and 1 single for the last 2 rds. They feel like they’re getting better, though, and I don’t really use a false grip anymore, which is cool.

    L-Sit: 17, 14, and 13 seconds. Yes, I completely blow at these. Might have something to do with my incredible lack of hamstring flexibility at this point.

    M/F/S – 3/4/4

  10. Just posting so that you know im doing something
    didnt have time to do full session also dont have a rack so….

    Thursday Sept 29
    5 sets 30″ rest between each
    Sled run (like talayna) 225#
    5 Push Press 50#DBs (heaviest we got)

  11. 1) 225
    2) 205
    3)a 225
    3)b 190

    16 mins
    Did the Muscle ups strict with pulley system counterbalances weight 50%..I then added a 44 lb KB..(the tear in my left shoulder area makes it impossible to pullup in external rotation so I have to start with neutral grip
    box jumps and dmb pp were Rx… and sucked

    15 sec avg hold on L sit on Pbars

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