I’m going to try to get this blog on the same schedule as my gym blog; which will mean posting it at night. I would LOVE for you guys to send me pics or vids to attach every day. If not you’re going to get nothing but Brandon doing backflips, & me missing PR Jerks.

Please try to give me a little description of how you’re feeling in the comments when you post. I am SEVERELY overtrained (kind of on purpose) and am taking an unscheduled rest day. Doing a modified “Bulgarian style” template will certainly test what you’re made of. If you guys are falling off the cliff don’t be afraid to say so.

Last thing… The strict Toes to Bar today are supposed to be STRICT. This means NO SWING to start with. Yes, if you absolutely cannot do one strict you may use a slight swings, but that IS NOT the goal.

WOD 110927:



1) Take 5 reps to find a very heavy Power Clean (no misses) – rest as needed.
3X3 touch & go Power Cleans @ 85% of heaviest rep from #1 – rest EXACTLY 60 seconds (straps may be used if you have used them – beware of wrist injury).
3a) 5X2 Clean Pull @ 120% of heaviest rep from #1 – rest 60 seconds.
3b) 5X100’ Prowler Push (high handles) – heavy as fuck, rest 60 seconds.


12 minute AMRAP of:

25 Wall Balls
25 Hand-Release Pushups

Notes: DO NOT sandbag these runs. The MUST be all out.


10 minute AMRAP of Strict T2B.

Brandon Phillips – OHS @ 325lbs…

12 thoughts on “110927

  1. 1) 225#
    2) 190#
    3a) 275#
    3b) 2×45# plates on each side (much harder than I thought it was going to be)


    4rds + 8 WallBalls

    Midline – 47 reps

    MFS – 2/3/4

    Overall very happy about today’s WOD. very close to my PR number for the Power Clean and the conditioning portion was just the right mix for me.

  2. 1) 235#. Pissed because I always expect myself to hit 245# on this.
    2) 200#
    Class was using the prowler and had them set up for 90# so I had a small window and had to do these individually.
    3b) 90#
    3a) 285#

    WOD – Raining and wet out here, so I had to do 100 meter shuttle (50m and back) to do the pushups inside, plus the street was too slick to run full out.
    4 rounds + 8 wallballs

    TTB – 93. So much fun I went home and watched paint dry afterward.

  3. 1) 275#. Missed 290 on my 5th rep
    2) 235# no straps.
    3b)180# all i could fit on my prowler

    WOD: 4 rounds plus 12 push ups. wall balls unbroken, moving fast on sprints, shoulders were limiting factor on push ups . Was more of a push up wod than a metcon for me

    T2b: 100 focused on staying really strict with no swing. shoulders and grip was hurting worse than core

  4. 1) 245
    2) 210
    3a) 295
    3b) 180#
    4) 3 Rds + 18 WB
    5) Had to duck these due to time constraints (in the middle of moving apartments)

    Not falling off a cliff due to Eastern Bloc workouts…but I will say that I sandbagged the wallballs due to a really inflamed left patella. I’ve been icing and generally playing it safe with squats, but the thing keeps flaring up. In this way, today was disappointing. Otherwise, I’m truly enjoying the programming.

  5. 1) 185, 225, 245 (missed 255 twice, a number I know I should get no problem…!)
    2) 3×3 @ 185
    3a) 5×2 @ 295 (felt very strong here)
    3b) Don’t have a prowler so I used a 95# tire on pavement. This was HARD. I only went 50 feet and it was taking me 1.5 – 2 minutes of all-out effort to get it there.

    4 rounds + 9 wall ball
    Pouring rain made this one tough for wall ball and on the run (half blacktop and half muddy grass…). Push ups were the limiting factor for me, especially after those brutal tire pushes!

    Midline – 87 reps (again, outside in the rain made gripping the bar a pretty difficult challenge. As much I I wiped things down between efforts, I kept slipping around 3 or so reps; hips felt really strong all through though)

    (I have a couple pics of the tire push I’ll send in as well)

  6. 1) 255#, then 3×3 @ 225# (ow)
    2) 315# (no straps)
    3) Didn’t have a prowler, so made up the snatch balances from yesterday (it was 5×2 @ 205#)
    4) 4 rds + 17 WB (sprints were a bit longer than 100m, I think)

    M/F/S – 3/4/3

    5) Ran out of time… did 7 and then 6 and then 6 unbroken MU practice before I remembered I had to do the T2B (and have MUs tomorrow), and by then I had to leave. I’ll make it up tomorrow.

  7. 1) 235#, caught 245 to low in the squat for it to count
    2) 205#, holy hook grip. No straps
    3a) 285#
    3b) Did all this at work so no prowler. Subbed sled drags @305lbs for about 175 feet x 5

    Had to give someone a PT rest and pace them on the run so no time for conditioning. 2mike pace was a slow 15:30 on a track. Now I know how hamsters feel.


  8. 1) 170
    2) 145 Never done touch&go with that kind of weight. Whew! But got better with each set. 
    3A) 205 felt slow
    3B) large tire push/pull

    3 + 25wb & 100m (ok maybe 80m) – rest and 100m sprint back

    Shoulder limited, broke up sets on the push-ups and cardio limited on any 100% sprint for me, especially combined with wall balls. Broke last 3 sets of wall balls and walked to the line but didn’t sand bag the sprints. 

    120 – sets of 5

  9. 1) 215
    2) 200
    3)a 245
    3)b 230 lbs(not counting prowler)

    3 rnds 18 wall balls

    midline ..not strict .. 5 at a time rest ..100 total

  10. Nathan
    1) 205#
    2) 175#
    3)a 245#
    3)b 225# not counting prowler

    3 rds + 25 wall balls + 100m sprint + 25 hr push ups

    65 reps

    1) 215#
    2) 185#
    3)a 255#
    3)b 180#

    3 rds + 20 wall balls

    75 reps

    1) 215#
    2) 185#
    3)a 255#
    3)b 180#

    2 rounds + 25 wall balls + 100m sprint + 8 push ups

    59 reps

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