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The DIXIE Tour

Nothing like a little Dixieland delight! I had a bunch of you guys email me about OBB coming down to your gym’s all across the south this Spring. I’m stoked about spending some time down in the deep south again. Stay tuned next week as I start to release the locations and the dates of these camps!

Getting ready for the DIXIE tour like…


This week’s program – cycle-10-week-6

Cycle 10 Week 5

So I think it’s about time to come down south for some training camps! I’m looking at Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Georgia… just about anywhere that’s south. If you are interested in hosting a camp and feel confident you’ve got at least 10 people who’d be interested in attending then let’s do it!

Shoot me an email if you’d to schedule a camp for this Spring. THEAMERICANLIFTER@GMAIL.COM

This week’s program – cycle-10-week-5


Happy New Year, everyone! It’s a new year and another great opportunity for you to invest in yourself! Let us help you better your lifting at one of our Outlaw Training camp or with some personalized programming. Everyday is truly another opportunity to better yourself so don’t put off for tomorrow what you can start today. A quote a buddy of mine once shared with me that has stuck with me to this day was “You know when the best time to plant a tree is? 10 years ago… and right f*cking now!”. So never let yourself think you’re too late or there isn’t enough time. Plant your tree today and change yourself for the better now!!

Our next Outlaw Barbell camp will be Sat, Jan 28 – Sun, Jan 29 in Gresham, OR. These camps are a fantastic opportunity to reshape the way you approach the Snatch and Cj in both the way you yourself do the movements as well as coach them.

Or if you’re looking to learn a little and play a lot you can join me in Mexico Fri, Feb 10 – Thur, Feb 16th for a 1 day Outlaw camp then a week of just kicking back and having some time at the beach.

Again, Happy New Year, Everyone. Make something happen for the better in your life this year!

As always, email me at theamericanlifter@gmail.com if you have any questions about one of our training camps or personal programming… or if you just wanna say hi. That’s always cool too.

This week’s workout – cycle-10-week-3

Oregon & Mexico Camps

You know what would be American as F*ck?????! Going diving with sharks, playing Indiana Jones at some Mayan ruins, paddle boarding with killer whales, learning to snatch 375lbs… These are only a few of the things we will be doing in Mexico on Feb 10-16.

So… If you wanna learn to be even more American As F*ck then you already are and tear up Mexico and leave nothing left but Red, White and Blue skid marks then lets go to Mexico!!??????

But forreal don’t be a commie and come to Mexico with me.

Shoot me an email or click the link below to get more details about this unique opportunity to kick it with Outlaw Barbell and AdventurefitTravel in Mexico.

In other news our first Outlaw camp in 2017 has just been scheduled! We will be coming to 3-46 GRIT CrossFit in Gresham, OR on Jan 28-29. We are looking to schedule more camps going into next year so if you are interested in hosting please shoot me an email. THEAMERICANLIFTER@GMAIL.COM

Lastly, here is the first week in our next training cycle. It has been roughly 20 weeks since our last strength cycle so THE Dave Fleming figured it was time to get strong again. Gear up for roughly 6-8 weeks of strength based programming.

Week 1 – cycle-10-week-1

Post American Open de-load week

Wow! The American Open this year has been absolutely insane! Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend. It’s truly been incredible to watch American Weightlifting grow so much over the past several years. It seems like the rate at which American Records are being broken is at a record pace! Not to mention the level of depth that we are now seeing in all weight classes like never before. I am so excited about the future of American Weightlifting and can’t wait to get back in the mix with everyone!!

This week’s program: post-meet-de-load-week


Good luck to everyone competing at the American Open this weekend!! #WINEVERYTHING

If you’re not competing at the American Open you can still follow this week as it is written. M/W/F will be your light technique days to keep you fresh and T/Tr will be rest days. Saturday is the day to f*ck some shit up! Grab your buddies and curb stomp some weights! Treat Saturday however you want. Do a mock competition and do your “warm  up” lifts then give yourself 3 Snatches and then 3 Cjs or say F*ck it and just do whatever you want and reach for some PRs however you you’re feeling like.

So… here’s what I’m saying… Make Saturday your Bitch and kill some weights!!

Competition week: cycle-9-week-10

PS… if you hit some PRs tag us on Instagram!! @THEOUTLAWWAY

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