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Denver, Bangkok, Singapore & Cape Town training camps


We finally got some Outlaw Barbell camps booked! This should be a pretty crazy Outlaw Barbell tour! All training camps will be run by me, Jared Fleming.

Oct 22 – 23 – Singapore – CrossFit Hub (Singapore)

Oct 29 – 30 – Bangkok, Thailand – Training Ground BKK

Nov 12 – 13 – Denver, CO – Alpine CrossFit

Jan 21 – 22, *2017* – Cape Town, South Africa – CrossFit Durbell

Jan 28 – 29, *2017* – Durban, South Africa – CrossFit Fetish

Right now there is very limited space for the camp in Singapore. We won’t be opening registration to the public for this camp for 2 weeks and only if the host gym doesn’t sell out all 10 spots. If you’d like to be put on a priority list email me at theamericanlifter@gmail.com.

This Week’s Program: Cycle 8 Week 11

Bangkok, Singapore & Denver

BANGKOK?! Who would have ever guessed Outlaw would be headed to Bangkok? I can only imagine that this picture might sum up what the Outlaw experience is going to be like.

We will be finalizing the details for these 3 camps over the next few days and should have registration open by Sunday for each of them! Tentatively we’re looking at late Oct for Bangkok and Singapore and November 12-13 in Denver.

The Outlaw schedule might allow for one more training camp in Asia for October or early November. Email me at Jared@theoutlawway.com if you’d like to host a camp at your gym in Asia.

This week’s OBB program: Cycle 8 Week 10

Asia, Colorado, and Elite Camp

Outlaw Plate

I got a MASSIVE response from several of you guys out in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder! Thank you guys so much for helping pick this Colorado camp back up! I am in the process of setting up a couple different camps out there so stay tuned next week for some official dates.

In other news, I will be traveling to Asia in late October and would love to teach some Outlaw training camps while that way. Any gyms in the following countries or nearby that would like to host a training camp in Oct-Nov please hit me up: India, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei… Mhmm (Mike Mogard) or any countries nearby. Shoot your emails to me here: Jared@theoutlawway.com.

As for the 5 day intensive training camp on Sept 7-11 we currently have only 3 spots remaining. If you’re looking to dramatically increase your knowledge on how to coach weightlifting or spend 5 days training with The Dave Fleming and I you don’t want to miss out! All the info you need about this camp is here: 5 Day Elite Camp

Lastly, there will be some changes coming soon to the Outlaw website. We will be adding a page listing and recognizing all Outlaw training centers as well as overhauling the Outlaw Barbell page to accommodate the new Outlaw camp structure which will soon be Levels 1-4.

And I just can’t help it… so here is a little something that may or may not be coming soon too… idk.

Outlaw PlateOutlaw Plate

This week’s workout: Cycle 8 Week 9

Denver camp and 5 day elite camp

Hey guys, we still have 5 spots left for the elite training camp Sept 7-Sept 11 (Wed-Sun). Just to clarify, this camp is not just for elite lifters, this camp is for people of all levels. This is an “elite” level camp in the amount knowledge and experience you will gain as a coach and athlete.

You can register for the 5 day camp here:


Also, the location in Denver I had selected for a 2 day training camp fell through. If you or someone you know would like to host a camp this Fall in Denver or nearby please email me at Jared@theoutlawway.com. 

More info on the elite camp:   5 Day Elite Camp

This week’s training:  cycle 8 week 8

Become an OBB training center

I am beyond excited to announce that we will now be creating Outlaw Barbell training centers all around the world!

Outlaw has prided itself on the level of coaching we breed through our training camps and programming. We want to broaden our reach and help grow Weightlifting by offering OBB training centers all over the globe.

My father, Dave and I are incredibly proud to be able to spread our knowledge and the Outlaw Barbell philosophy at a much deeper level and on a much wider platform. For years now we have been offering high level training camps as well as sound programming to athletes and coaches alike. Now it’s time to let all of you who follow our philosophy and those that have learned from us over the years put that knowledge and coaching to work on a whole new level.

Outlaw Barbell is trying to help fill the need for more advanced weightlifting programs which are in high demand and in low supply. If you have attended an Outlaw Barbell camp we would love to have the opportunity to work directly with you and help you become OBB training center.  Whether you own a CrossFit gym or currently run a Weightlifting club this is a great opportunity to expand your level of expertise and credibility as a Weightlifting program.

In order to become an official OBB training center you must:

  1. Have attended an Outlaw Barbell camp
  2. Follow custom gym programming written by Dave Fleming and I


  1. Custom programming written to the needs of your members
  2. All OBB centers will be listed on the Outlaw website
  3. Custom banners carrying the Outlaw and your personal gym logos
  4. U.S.A. athletes under OBB training centers will receive coaching at all national competitions
  5. Compete for OBB at national competitions
  6. Priority on hosting OBB training camps

If you have any questions or would like to become an official OBB training center email me at Jared@theoutlawway.com. Pricing for the custom gym programming is $199 per month/4weeks.

Lastly, A huge shout out to our friends in El Paso, TX at CrossFit 4th Dimension for becoming our first ever OBB training center!! We are proud to have you guys represent Outlaw Barbell!

Big News Coming Soon!


So… Tonight, I was planning on announcing the the next big thing Outlaw is about to drop but with the OBB camp at CrossFit Sua Sponte this weekend I didn’t get a chance to finalize everything.

Outlaw is working on several new and exciting things that will be hitting you guys over the course of the next couple months. Between the restructuring of the Outlaw Barbell camps soon to be levels 1-4, the debut of the Lv. 4 elite training camp this Sept 7-11, and a few other things that will be coming out over the next couple months, Outlaw is moving forward in a lot of ways.

I’m sure the anxiety is killing you… really but maybe not really…. so stay tuned later this week for my next announcement on the latest thing we have been cooking up.

Registration for elite training camp: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/5-day-elite-obb-camp-charlotte-nc-tickets-26841597942

Info on elite camp: 5 Day Elite Camp

This week’s OBB program: Cycle 8 Week 7

*Contact me at Jared@theoutlawway.com if you have any questions*

Elite training camp registration!

The time has come!! Registration is now open for the 5 day elite training camp held Sept 7-11 near Charlotte, Nc.

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/5-day-elite-obb-camp-charlotte-nc-tickets-26841597942

There will be 2 price options for camp:

     $599 – Includes admission into camp.

     $799 – Includes hotel stay for Tuesday-Sunday night (checkout Monday morning) at the official camp hotel, travel to and from the airport and training as well as admission into camp. With the second option you simply arrive at the Charlotte airport on Tuesday 9/6 and we take care of the rest.

This camp is the first of it’s kind and I’m not sure if or when Outlaw will be doing this again. I assume this camp will sell out very quickly due to high demand and the low cap on attendance. If you are serious about attending I highly recommend you register this week or get in contact with me ASAP for any questions you’d like answered before registering. Attached below is an in depth overview of what the camp will offer.

Email me at Jared@theoutlawway.com with any questions.

Everything you need to know about camp:

5 Day Elite Camp

5 Day Elite Training Camp

Hey guys,

I honestly cannot tell you how stoked I am to be able to offer this new 5 day training camp! The Outlaw Way has truly never offered anything like this… EVER. This is going to be a true training camp where we will have programs written up each day for everyone to follow and for Dave and I, Yes The Dave Fleming will be there!!, to coach everyone through. There will also be “how to” sessions where we will discuss how to execute movements properly and breakdown video.

The camp will be located in Rock Hill, SC on September 7-11 for $599. Attached is an overview of everything you need to know and what to expect at camp. I will also have a daily itinerary made up within the next week to give to anyone who has signed up or is curious for a more detailed breakdown of camp. *Registration for camp will be up soon and will be posted here as soon as it’s up.

Camp Overview5 Day Elite Camp

O yeah… I’m just gonna put this right here…. Stay tuned for details next Sunday.

Big shit is happening folks!!


This week’s program: Cycle 8 Week 6

Mat Fraser!


In case you haven’t heard, elite Weightlifter turned CrossFitter, Mat Fraser just won the 2016 CrossFit Games!!

Not like anyone needed any more convincing but once again Mat has proven that having an elite foundation in Weightlifting is the cornerstone of being a great CrossFitter (that being said you can’t neglect the importance of Gymnastics skills and cardiovascular endurance).

On another note… sorry for uploading this program Monday rather then Sunday. This will not become a common theme. Things got so crazy last night here in Carson that I didn’t know who or where I was… slight overstatement but you get the point.

Down to business here, Outlaw Barbell is in a state of change and a lot of really cool things are in the works. One of the many things we are working on is the system of how the Outlaw Barbell camps are run. The past few years we have only offered a standard OBB camp. The plan is to very soon start offering Lv. 1, Lv 2, Lv. 3, and Lv. 4 training camps. The current OBB camp will become a Lv. 3 camp and what I’m most excited about will be the level 4 camp!!

The Lv. 4 will be a 5 day intensive training camp that is not only a “how to” but a true training camp with scheduled workouts to take everyone through to practice and develop all the accessories and skills needed in Weightlifting. This camp is meant to break you down (technically not physically) and build you back up into an entirely new athlete or coach.

The new elite Lv. 4 camp will be the most involved camp TOW has ever offered. I am so excited for this to launch!! These camps will be limited to around 10 athletes and my plan is to offer 1 before the end of this year. This camp will only be a couple times a year so if you are interested you DO NOT want to miss this opportunity. More details will be going public in the next week or 2 but if in reading this you already know you’re interested in the new elite camp please email me at Jared@theoutlawway.com to get further details and tentatively reserve a spot on the newest and most involved camp EVER.

Stay tuned for next week when I announce some other really cool things to come at you guys!!

cycle 8 week 5

Colorado & Cycle 8 Week 4

This week is a mini test week for sets of 5. If you’re feeling good in any particular movement feel free to go above 80% but try and do everything for 5.

cycle 8 week 4

In other news, stay tuned for a couple new OBB training camps that we are about to release. I am for sure planning to come to Colorado in September. So stay tuned!

As for now we currently have 2 camps on the roster:

*Both of these camps will be low attendance and will focus a lot on 1 on 1 work with everyone.

Raleigh-Durham, Nc
August 6-7

Boston, Ma
August 13-14

If you’d like to host an OBB camp this fall email me at Jared@theoutlawway.com for more info.

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