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Post American Open de-load week

Wow! The American Open this year has been absolutely insane! Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend. It’s truly been incredible to watch American Weightlifting grow so much over the past several years. It seems like the rate at which American Records are being broken is at a record pace! Not to mention the level of depth that we are now seeing in all weight classes like never before. I am so excited about the future of American Weightlifting and can’t wait to get back in the mix with everyone!!

This week’s program: post-meet-de-load-week


Good luck to everyone competing at the American Open this weekend!! #WINEVERYTHING

If you’re not competing at the American Open you can still follow this week as it is written. M/W/F will be your light technique days to keep you fresh and T/Tr will be rest days. Saturday is the day to f*ck some shit up! Grab your buddies and curb stomp some weights! Treat Saturday however you want. Do a mock competition and do your “warm  up” lifts then give yourself 3 Snatches and then 3 Cjs or say F*ck it and just do whatever you want and reach for some PRs however you you’re feeling like.

So… here’s what I’m saying… Make Saturday your Bitch and kill some weights!!

Competition week: cycle-9-week-10

PS… if you hit some PRs tag us on Instagram!! @THEOUTLAWWAY

Cycle 9 Week 9

Alright everyone so this week will be a test week since this cycle has been based around the American open. Test week this week, taper week next week, then the American Open the following week. If you are not competing at the American open you will test this week, taper next week, then the week of the competition we will have you follow what our athletes would do and then test again and see where you’re at.

Good luck this week and just keep in mind that if it isn’t there this week you will get another crack at it again in a couple weeks.

Lastly, if you don’t PR after all the Thanksgiving gainz then something is probably wrong with you.

This week’s workouts – cycle-9-week-9

AMERICA – Cycle 9 Week 7

I finally made it back to America! Being in Asia and then spending 10 days sitting meditating is cool and all lol but nothing beats being back home! Now let’s lift some shitz.

I got back home just in time to knock out what was probably the most badass OBB camp to date! I had a kickass time this weekend in Denver working with all these guys!

Gain train workouts- cycle-9-week-7



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